Shazam! Fury of the Gods: Lightning Doesn’t Strike Twice

Shazam! Fury of the Gods: Lightning Doesn't Strike Twice

Hey superhero fans, brace yourselves because Shazam! Fury of the Gods” is hitting theaters, and we’ve got the lowdown. But heads up, lightning might not strike twice in this follow-up to the 2019 comedic superhero flick.

Shazam : Lightning in a Bottle

Remember the thrill of watching teenage Billy Batson transform into the beefed-up superhero, played by Zachary Levi, in the first “Shazam!” movie? It was like “Big” with superpowers, and we loved it. The original had a playful vibe, especially with the help of Billy’s foster brother Freddy.

Shazam! Fury of the Gods: Lightning Doesn't Strike Twice

Shazam Round Two: Lightning Fizzles Out?

Now, in “Fury of the Gods,” we pick up where the first movie left off. Billy’s worried about turning 18 and facing the real world. But before you know it, the plot takes a turn, and instead of earthly worries, we’re dealing with the daughters of Atlas invading Earth with a magical staff. Talk about a change of pace!

Star Power Shazam  and New Faces: Mirren, Liu, and Zegler Join the Party

The movie boasts some big-name villains – Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu play the formidable daughters of Atlas. They bring seriousness to the table, but does it work? Well, not as much as we hoped. Rachel Zegler, fresh from “West Side Story,” joins as a new student, adding a fresh dynamic.

Epic Showdowns and Dragons: A Mixed Bag

Expect loads of action with mythical creatures and a pretty decent-looking dragon. There’s even a cheeky “Game of Thrones” joke. But here’s the kicker – the closing-credit scenes. Without giving too much away, they feel a bit too cute for their own good, like the movie itself.

Déjà Vu: Directed by Sandberg, Same Love for DC Universe

David F. Sandberg is back in the director’s chair, sticking to the same DC universe love as before. There are nods to the comics, including a lightning-quick cameo by Michael Gray, the 1970s Billy Batson. But here’s the deal – it feels like DC might be squeezing this franchise a bit too hard.

Mirren’s Steely Stare: A Meta Moment?

Helen Mirren, a legendary actor, isn’t shy about mixing it up with pop-culture hits like “Fast & Furious.” But when her character shoots a look at the cheeky hero and says, “You’re wasting my time,” it hits different. Maybe there’s a double meaning there.

Final Verdict: Fast but Not “Fury”-ous Enough

So, here’s the bottom line – “Shazam! Fury of the Gods” moves quickly, but the spark just isn’t there like before. The lightning bolt that made the original special is flickering in this sequel.

Premiere Alert: March 17 in US Theaters

Ready to catch the superhero action? “Shazam! Fury of the Gods” drops on March 17 in US theaters. It’s rated PG-13, so gather your crew and see if lightning strikes for you.